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April 9, 2007
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Full Title: Crossing The Line Between Danger and Survival
Summary: [Post-AC, kind of AU-ish] Risking their lives to throw the world aside for a few hours, it finally comes to the choice that could end both of their lives. To run again, or give into the promise made by a memory? No matter what, everything's gonna change.

Lips claimed his, ravaging, unrelenting. Hands immediately pulling at the various buckles of belts on the other. The other moaned, before pulling away. "We shouldn't be doing this," They said lowly. The other's breath smelled of cigarettes and cheap liquor.

"Who gives a fuck about it?" The other replied, harshly shoving him against the wall, lips once again attacking his brutally; lust and need obvious in the hasty movements as they rid the other of the annoying articles of clothes attatched by belts and his hands went to slowly unzip the male's shirt, continuing to kiss the oxygen out of the recepient.

The other's hands went up to cling to his shoulders, head falling back and lips parting as they moaned loudly as their hand suddenly slid down his pants to tease him, fingering him slowly, before shallowly gripping him and pumping him almost gently. He panted, muttering a soft curse along the lines of 'asshole' to the other as his eyes squinted, trying to stay open through the onslaught of teasing pleasure.

Lips kissed his neck, the other pressing against him, to suddenly start moving and grinding against him to the pounding music in the background, lips brushing along his neck as they mouthed the words of the song, pulling their hand back to slide even closer and ground against the pinned form.

A throaty moan escaped the male, arching into the other's movements, hands clutching at their shoulder's. The others hands ghosted down his chest, making him shiver, to stop at his waist and unzip the zipper and undo the snap, working their hand down inside again to rub and tease him before pulling away from his neck to kiss him again, nipping and sucking at his lower lip with familiarity before thrusting his tongue into his mouth to ravage him completely.

He whimpered, hands pushing at the other's coat urgently. Oh he definitely shouldn't be doing this. He couldn't be caught like this, couldn't let anyone know or see this happening, it'd endanger both of their lives. But the other was just so addicting, no matter how annoying he could get and he couldn't say no or protest that much when the other was determined.

And besides, this was the only moment they had. One night, once a week, almost complete and total freedom, without having to care much at all. Being the paranoid (or was it overly cautious?) person he was, pushed the other away, albeit begrudgingly and panted heavily. "Not here," He rasped.

The other frowned with slight annoyance, but he understood well why the other was so cautious and grabbed the articles of clothes dropped on the ground and with an almost posessive growl, yanked the other away from the wall and began leading him away, out of the darkened alley they had been in, having come from the local club.

It wasn't a long walk, only a few minutes, but it seemed too long to the two figures, and when they finally got to the hotel and closed the door, the other resumed where they left off and shoved them against the door and attacked his lips in a hungry, needy kiss, hands running along his body before going back behind to grab the male's ass and bring him closer, thrusting against him.

He moaned loudly, lashes fluttering and eyes closed as they kissed back, hands pushing off the black coat on the other and began to undo the buttons on his shirt. The other pushed off the already unzipped shirt and pulled his lips away to kiss down the others neck, to his shoulder, only to bite the junction connecting his neck to his shoulder, making him gasp and shudder as he licked the bite.

He was territorial, though he shouldn't be. At least he had enough sense to bite him in an area where it wouldn't show. Though he had never done that in the past to anyone, or so he had informed him, he wondered what posessed the other to mark him, but the thought was cast out when the other tugged his pants down, before dropping to his knees and pinning his hips down before fully engulfing him.

He choked and he brought his hands up and tugged the black gloves off of his fingers, letting them drop to the floor as he felt his legs going unsteady from the other's talented mouth. He would always do this to him. Always could make him tremble, always make him feel weak even though he somewhat knew otherwise. His hands found their way to the other's hair, entangling and lightly gripping as they continued to work him, making him shudder and tremble as a needy mewl escaped his lips.

And if the other could have smirked, he would have. He was a smug bastard like that. He continued to work the male, bringing him closer to the edge, knowing just how to make him pant, moan and shudder. It was strangely addicting. Maybe that's why he always came back, risking everything for more.

Maybe it was because he was exactly the same way when put in that position. Or maybe because, no matter how different they were, they were still alot alike. He didn't know, but something about the other, no matter how much he pissed him off at times, was just so alluring. And he always felt the need to claim him, mark him, even if they couldn't tell anyone, he just felt smug to know that he had gotten him first, and felt the strangest need to keep it that way, even if he was risking both of their lives for just this one moment.

When he knew the other was just on the edge, he pulled away, smirking at the frustrated groan the male made. What he didn't expect was to be yanked up and have his lips claimed by the other, the other roughly shoving him back towards the bed. Strange...he was never usually so dominant. Maybe it was because he had had enough of the teasing or maybe he wanted to be on top tonight. Either way, he didn't care, he was fine with either option, top or bottom.

He was pushed back, onto the bed and scooted back enough to let the other climb over him, looking up the the male above him with a look of pure hunger, hands going up to their shoulders and trailing their fingers down slowly, playfully, only to have his wrists grabbed and laid back beside him. His brow raised slightly, eyes confused for a moment.

The other merely lowered himself down to kiss along his chest, hands going down to undo the belt around his slacks before unbuttoning them, continuing to kiss his way down until he reached the hem of his pants. And before he could even realize what the other had in mind, they had already started: caught the zipper in their teeth and pulled it down slowly, deep eyes looking up at him through lush, thick lashes. They sparkled with temptation and dare as he watched.

It was strange to him, he was normally so down, so quiet, not wanting to have anything to do with most things. And before he could always kick his ass or they'd end up in a draw, but it was so strange that he was acting like this. He knew well enough what buttons to press to get what he wanted, but why did it seem like he was upping the ante? He watched with a hitched breath as the other finished unzipping his pants, hands appearing from out of nowhere to begin tugging them down.

For once, not wanting to be a pain in the ass, he arched his hips up to allow the other an easier time of sliding them off. And of course, being who he was, had nothing under the pants, to which always seemed to amuse the other, for a small smirk played at the corner of his lips as his looked him over slowly, like it was their first time or something, before proceeding to crawl back up over him and stradle him, leaning over to kiss him fiercely.

He responded with a low groan as their hips met and ground together, creating hot, delicious friction between the two of them. Oh gods he loved this. This feeling, the sinful knowledge that it was theirs alone. No one else, previous or present could make him feel like this, everything else was so dull in comparison to this fire that errupted everytime they were like this.

He could set his veins on fire, could bring out something inside of him he'd always longed to let out, when no one else could. He pushed him to the edge and beyond, he could do it all...

His head tossed back with a half-scream as the other ground particularly hard against him, pulling away from their kiss to bite his neck, returning the favor. His hands clenched tightly on the other's shoulders, his body acting on it's own now; bucking up, writhing, craving more from the other.

"Want you," He gasped out, when the other moved down and latched to his nipple, teasing it expertly. "Now."

The other pulled away, a small smirk gracing their features and their eyes flashed for a moment. The other spread his legs wide, wrapping them around the others waist with an equal smirk. "I'm sick of waiting, I need you in me." With those words, he used his legs to pull the other inside of him as he rocked his hips downwards, groaning loudly, eyes snapping shut from the sheer sensations flowing through him.

Fire, heat, pain, pleasure. Lust, need, perhaps some raw affection mixed in, it all melted into one and neither could bring themselves to stay still as they began a frantic, hot pace. His hands shot up to thread into the other's surprisingly soft hair and yank him down into a long kiss as they continued to move, the matteress squeaking and the headboard pounding against the wall from their vigorous actions.

Sweat was pouring down from their bodies as they moved, their bodies straining in a familiar ache as they searched frantically for completion. A hand wandered down his body teasingly, only to close around his aching length. Lips broke contact as he threw his head back and moaned loudly. If possible, their bodies rocked together faster, harder, without any real grace. Just pure, raw, carnal instincts.

Under this extreme amount of pleasure, and the way the other way letting out snarls, growls, and moans were driving him crazy, likewise, his own sounds were doing the same to the other. Finally, he couldn't take it any longer and his body arched up, crushing against the other, head going back as he let out a long, loud scream as he let everything go, losing his grip on his senses, on reality, on everything as white and black bliss swept over him, vaguely aware of the other's loud cry as he let go, too.

He couldn't think, couldn't hardly breathe, it was such erotic asphyxiation. He chest wouldn't expand enough to get air in, he felt light headed, and his heart was pounding so loud he could almost swear it'd burst out of his chest at any minute. His throat felt raw, and the pressure of the other's body ontop of him was comforting, he could still feel the buzz; his ears were ringing, and he knew tears were streaming down the sides of his face from the sheer ecstacy that he'd been submerged into.

These few moments together, they were equally sentimental, as if they were really lovers, sharing gentle caresses, affectionate, chaste kisses, perhaps it was just a reaction from two lonely souls who had none previously. When they came back from their dazed state, the other pushed up and pulled away, collapsing weakly beside him. Normally, they'd just get up and leave like nothing had happened.

Tonight, neither had the strength or energy to move after that hot, fiery, but passionate bout of sex. On the ocasion this happened, they'd agree to rest a few hours. Set an alarm and get up and leave at that time.

He scooted over and turned on his side, curling up into the warmth behind him, fumbling blindly for the covers as he had his eyes still closed. A larger hand covered his and guided him, grasping the covers and pulling them up. The arm and hand remained around him after he'd finished. Too tired to protest, and not really minding, they sighed heavily and dropped off a few moments later.

The other watched silently. Eventually, their eyes too, went lidded and as they were starting to doze, a thought ran through their mind that they were forgetting something....

I think the pairing is obvious by now who it is, but I will be writing like this for several chapters, no names. ^^;; And this is a somewhat AU. Asuming Rufus is really trying to rebuild Shinra, and he still has his devious little mind, things have been rising. Turks are growing in numbers, rumors of Soldier coming back. the former Avalanche members have been on the worry. And since Cloud did not join their little alliance during AC, it made them enemies once more. And that's all I'm giving away for now so I hope you enjoyed it! ^^

Next chapter to come soon! ^^

FF7 (c) To Squeenix
Fanfic (c) to ME! No stealing!
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Yaoi-MyBestFriend Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008
O.o i love this
infact i have read it three times!
but how come there are no names??
i think it's very creative but....
how come?
xDesert-Rosex Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
There are names in the later chapters, it's just how I dreamed this part. I dream in both words and pictures so I wrote it out the way I dreamed it, with no names. But I made sure to describe who it was so everyone wasn't left in the dark. xD;; But anyway yeah. Thanks for liking it. =)
Roxel519 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2007   Writer
*Has major nosebleed* Holy Mansex!! That was...WOW!! :worship: Truth be told i never even thought of before but now i`m so in love with the pairing!! ^W^
Roxel519 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2007   Writer
xDesert-Rosex Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Renstrife is awesome. <3 And thank you for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :heart:
VexenIV Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2007
I love this. =D :excited: can't wait to read the next chapter.

I could SO change some of the wordings for this to make it AkuRoku!
Do you think I could? I'd give you all the credit though...Please say yes! =3
xDesert-Rosex Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
There's already a chapter two. I'm still working as quickly as I can on Chapter 3. Thank you for the favorite and for commenting! <3 :heart:
VexenIV Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2007
That's not what I meant and I no worries. =D
What I meant was weather I could take the original first chapter only and change some of the wordings around to make it AkuRoku and then post it on my D/A accout and give you all the credit. That's what I meant. =3
xDesert-Rosex Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Well... I really don't want my work copied in such a way to fit a different fandom. I don't mind if you use some of my ideas from the story and word it in a similar way, but if you give me credit saying you got the idea from me, then that's okay by me. ^^
VexenIV Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2007
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